The Clayton County Water Authority offers several recreation options from fishing and hunting to bird watching and picnicking. Enjoy the beauty of nature just minutes from your back door.

Reservoir Recreation

CCWA opens three reservoirs for fishing March - October.  The J.W. Smith Reservoir is located on North Bridge Road in Hampton while the Shamrock and Blalock Reservoirs are located on Shamrock Road in Jonesboro. The reservoirs have bass, bream, crappie, channel and bullhead catfish. Visitors have caught bass over 8 lbs. and catfish over 10 lbs.  To learn more, click here.

Archery Deer Hunting

CCWA's E.L.Huie Land Management Site is a unique area. The site is a wildlife haven where white-tailed deer thrive and can present a danger to motorist who travel the roadways adjacent to the site. After consulting with the Georgia Department Of Natural Resources, CCWA implemented archery deer hunting on the site in 1996 to reduce and control the deer herd. Archery hunters have safely and effectively controlled the deer herd over the past 16 years. Hunters must apply between June and August to be accepted for each hunting season. All archery hunting is strictly regulated and is limited to Fridays and weekends only. All hunting is restricted to archery only. Firearms are not permitted on the property. To learn more, click here.

Newman Wetlands Center 

The Melvin L. Newman Wetlands Center is the focal point of the Clayton County Water Authority's community education efforts. Since its opening in 1995, the Wetlands Center has hosted more than 220,000 visitors, including students of all ages, to lessons & interpretive experiences of wetlands ecology, conservation and watershed protection.

The Newman Wetlands Center was created to demonstrate the importance of preserving wetlands environments and to provide public education in matters of natural resource conservation. The Center is a 32-acre site that includes a wetlands trail and a 4,800 sq/ft building complex comprised of an exhibit/learning area, a 50-seat auditorium, offices, and a conference facility. To learn more, click here.

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