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Our Investment Adds Up for You!

5 Raw Water Reservoirs

3 Treatment Facilities

42 mgd Capacity

1500 Miles of Pipeline


3 Water Reclamation Facilities

38.4 mgd Treatment Capacity

1400 Miles of Pipeline


Provides drainage structures to help protect property from flooding, sinkholes

500 miles of infrastructure

*Not funded by rates

A Message from our CEO H. Bernard Franks

CCWA works hard to deliver safe, clean drinking water and sanitary sewer services to more than 289,000 residents of Clayton County. More than ever, we have been reminded of the critical role we play in the health of our community.

As we continue to plan for our future, these plans include the need for a rate adjustment starting January 1, 2024. This adjustment will continue to support the needed improvements throughout our system and across the organization, based on our Strategic Master Plan. The investment CCWA makes now contributes to the overall economic development and quality of life in Clayton County for families today and tomorrow.

Every day our nearly 400 water professionals work to reduce and manage operating costs while proactively maintaining 1,500 miles of water lines, 1,400 miles of sewer lines, 500 miles of stormwater pipe, three water reclamation facilities and three water production facilities. As a reminder we do not receive tax dollars. We simply rely entirely on water, sewer, and stormwater revenues to fund operations along with other specific infrastructure loans.

We take our responsibility to provide quality water and quality service seriously. We appreciate the trust our customers instill in us, to wisely invest rates back into Clayton County. On behalf of all of us at CCWA, thank you for letting us serve this great community.


The CCWA Board of Directors approved a 8% rate adjustment for water and sewer base and usage rates in May 2023. This goes into effect January 1, 2024 and will be reflected on February 2024 bills. This will affect all customers except for our Stormwater Only accounts. Stormwater fees will remain the same. Even with this rate adjustment, CCWA’s rates remain lower than most in the metro region. You can read the FAQs below.

How much will the average customer's bill change?

An average residential customer with water and sewer services uses 4,000 gallons a month. These customers will see an increase in their monthly bill of a $4.50. This is approximately 15¢ a day. Stormwater fees will remain the same for all customers.

Why is the rate adjustment needed?

As a water utility, we play a critical role in our community’s public health, economic development, and overall quality of life. We do not receive any state or local tax dollars and operate solely on water, sewer and stormwater revenues. We proactively maintain 1,500 miles of water lines, 1,400 miles of sewer lines, 500 miles of stormwater pipe, three water reclamation facilities and three water production facilities. Every year we review the level of funding needed to support this critical infrastructure.

To plan for the future, we develop 10-year master plans to set priorities to meet the community’s needs in cost effective ways. The plan evolves to fit changes in regulations and in the community. Our 2020 Strategic Master Plan identified improvement needs totaling $626 million during the next decade. While the projects are planned and developed over a 10-year period, conducting an annual review of the financial needs for active projects means the actual rate change for a given year may be lower than we initially forecasted.

Even with annual rate adjustments, we still rely on low-interest loans to complete these efforts while maintaining affordability. By investing in our infrastructure today, we are keeping future generations from taking on the burden of much higher rates.

How do these rates compare with others in the metro area?

Even with the changes in rates, CCWA will still have some of the lowest rates in the area that are below average for water/wastewater utilities in the state. 

Here’s how we stack up with other metro area utilities:

How are customers being notified?

We are letting our customers know about the rate change through our existing outreach and communication channels such as our website and Facebook page as well as newsletters and bill inserts, plus digital monitors in our customer service lobbies.

What about customers who may face challenges in paying their monthly bill?

We’re proud of our local partnerships that fund our affordability programs. Please visit to learn more.

Even if these programs don’t fit your need, please reach out to us to see how we might be able to help.

How can I get more information?

If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact us at