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Begininng July 1, 2021, the program rebate structure will change. Rebates will only be awarded for toilets using 1.1 gpf or less, at a rebate value of $75. Dual flush toilets using 1.1/1.6 gpf are not eligible.

Toilet Rebate Program

Who is Eligible

CCWA residential customers and multi-family properties who meet the following qualifications are eligible:

Residential Customers who own or rent a single-family residential home that was built in 1993 or earlier and have older, water-wasting toilets (3.5 – eight gallons per flush) are eligible for the program. The customer’s account must be in good standing. The rebate is only valid for toilets purchased after September 28, 2007. See information at right on applying for a rebate.

Multi-family Properties including apartments, townhome communities, and condominiums, are invited to participate in a rebate program to replace old, inefficient toilets through the Multi-Family Toilet Rebate Program.

Eligible customers receive account credits of $75 for ultra-high energy efficient toilets (UHET). Properties must install a minimum of 30 toilets.

Multi-Family Toilet Rebate Details

How Do I Apply / Get an Application

CCWA customers may obtain the application form from the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District by:

Eligible CCWA customers will have to submit the following to the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District:

  • Toilet Rebate Application 2021
  • The original purchase receipt
  • A copy of their most recent CCWA water bill
  • Agree to an installation verification check


Can I email the application to The District?
No. They must have an original signed application for the program files.

Will I receive a rebate check?
No, the rebate will be applied as a credit to your Clayton County Water Authority account. This will be reflected on your bill one or two months after The District has approved your application.

Who pays for installation?
Customers are responsible for installation.

The Clayton County Water Authority participates in a regional Residential Toilet Rebate Program administered by the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District (The District). This incentive program encourages customers to replace older, inefficient toilets and install ultra high efficiency toilets (UHET).

As of July 1, 2021, eligible customers will receive a $75 rebate for installing an approved WaterSense certified ultra-high-efficiency toilet (1.1 gallons per flush or less). Customers can receive up to two (2) toilet rebates per household. Purchase a toilet on the rebate approved toilet list, which can be found on The District’s web site, which is provided below. These toilets have received the WaterSense certification. The Metro North Georgia Water Planning District administers this program. For more information, the list of eligible toilets or an application, visit The District’s web site, or call 404.463.8645.