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Stormwater Fees

What is impervious surface?

Impervious surfaces are mainly artificial structures such as roads, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and rooftops that are covered by impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete, brick or stone. These materials, as well as highly compacted soil and gravel surfaces, prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground. This creates runoff that causes everything from flooding, to water pollution, to streambank erosion and more.

How much is the fee?

Residential properties are billed $3.75 per month. Non-residential properties (such as commercial or multi-family) are billed based on the actual amount of impervious surface located on the property. Actual impervious surface is determined by using aerial photography that is digitized and matched to the County’s tax records. CCWA customers receive a monthly stormwater fee on their water and sewer bill.

Why am I charged a Stormwater Fee?

Delivering a service requires funding. Stormwater management includes a range of services such as replacing failing pipes, cleaning and repairing catch basins, restoring drainage ditches, and much more. Stormwater fees were established to ensure a dedicated fund is available to delvier these critical services. All monies collected as stormwater fees remain separate from CCWA’s water and sewer funds, and is used only to deliver stormwater services.

I’m not a CCWA customer. Why do I have to pay the stormwater fee?

All property owners in Clayton County and its Cities contribute to the fund to pay for for the stormwater management services because all developed properties contribute to stormwater runoff. Some create more runoff than others because of the amount of impervious surface they have, so stormwater fees are set to be equitable based on an actual determination of that surface.

The fee for residential property is based on a “Stormwater Unit” – what is that?

One Stormwater Unit equals 2,950 square feet which is the typical amount of impervious surfaces on a property with a single family residence. This unit was developed by a process that included analyzing aerial photography of nearly 10% of all single family residences across Clayton County to determine the amount of impervious surface each had. The average was 2,950 square feet.

Additional Information

How was the fee for a Stormwater Unit calculated?

All single-family residential properties are treated as single customer classification and are charged a flat fee of $3.75 per month per residence. Fees for other developed properties are calculated based on actual impervious surface.