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CCWA’s Emergency Alert System

Powered by Everbridge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is CCWA's Emergency Alert System?

Everbridge is an emergency notification system used to quickly notify residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message and email regarding time-sensitive general and emergency notifications. This service is free to all residents and businesses located within Clayton County.

What type of notifications will I receive?

You can receive alerts about: severe weather, boil water advisories, water main breaks, scheduled maintenance, outages, pressure issues, and other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety. Traffic advisories are also issued to inform you of road closures, along with various other community related messages.


  • Water Community Updates: Stay connected with crucial updates and information specific to our CCWA community. 
  • Public Water Advisories: Receive notices and guidance on matters related to your water supply to stay well-informed.
  • Water Emergencies Only: Get instant alerts for critical situations and emergency incidents related to water, ensuring your water safety.
  • Water Traffic Advisories: Stay informed about water-related closures and disruptions with timely advisories.
  • Weather Alerts: Be in the know about weather conditions affecting your water service, and receive alerts tailored to your water infrastructure.
How do I sign up or register for CCWA's Emergency Alert System?

Customers do not need to sign up or register to receive Emergency notifications. CCWA will use all forms of communications provided from the customer’s account via our Customer Information System (CIS).

How will I receive alerts?

CCWA will send notifications and updates to your landline phones, cell phones, and email accounts.

What should I do if I receive an alert message?

Follow the instructions provided in the alert, using the information given to make prompt decisions concerning your personal safety and security. Additional updates will be sent as soon as more information becomes available.

What should I do if I don't receive a message?

If your specific area is unaffected, you may not receive a notification, even if the incident is just a block away. Notifications are selectively sent only to residents in the immediate area who are specifically instructed to take action.

What phone number will show up on my caller ID?

Customers will receive notifications from the Clayton County Water Authority phone number 770-960-5200.

I don't use text messages. Can I receive notifications by e-mail?

CCWA’s Emergency Alert System will use all forms of communications provided from the customer’s account via our Customer Information System (CIS).

Can I receive alerts for more than one location?

No, if you have several locations in Clayton County, only one contact will be utilized for notifications.

What if my phone number or addresses change?

CCWA Emergency Alerts work best when we have the right details! CCWA’s Emergency Alert System will use all forms of communications provided from the customer’s account via our Customer Information System (CIS). Make sure to keep your account information current. If your contact information changes, remember to contact Customer Service to update it in order for the alerts to reach you accurately.

Will my contact information be shared?

No, your information is strictly for alert notifications and won’t be shared or sold to anyone.

How often will I receive alert notifications?

The frequency of emergency alert notifications depends on various factors, including your location, and the types of emergencies that may occur in your area. Emergency alerts can be issued for events such as severe weather, water outages, scheduled maintenance, and other critical situations. It’s essential to stay informed about the emergency alert system in your area and follow any guidance provided by local authorities to ensure your safety.

How do I re-subscribe for email notifications?

Customers can re-subscribe for email notifications by clicking here.

Do I need to confirm that I have received the alert message?

Yes, if you confirm the message, it indicates receipt, and as a result, you won’t receive notifications from other contacts. This helps streamline communication and ensures that you are kept informed without unnecessary duplicate notifications.