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Hydrant Meters

I. General Water Usage.

It is the policy of the Clayton County Water Authority (hereinafter “CCWA”) that it is expressly forbidden for any person or entity to tap, convert, steal, or utilize water without prior authorization from CCWA though any fire line, fire hydrant, water main, meter, or other equipment or lines of CCWA.

II. Use of Water through Hydrants.

It is the policy of CCWA that the withdrawal of water from CCWA hydrants or from other access points not approved by the Authority is expressly forbidden, unless occurring in compliance with the terms of this Policy.
Necessary Permits and Equipment
Any withdrawal of water through CCWA hydrants or other non-standard assess points, except for fire fighting activities by fire department personnel or official use by CCWA personnel, must occur through hydrant meter assemblies equipped with backflow preventers that have been provided and approved by CCWA (hereinafter “Meter Assemblies”) pursuant to this Policy and the CCWA Hydrant Meter Use Agreement and Application (hereinafter the “Agreement”).
All persons or entities who desire to obtain water through a CCWA hydrant (hereinafter “Users”) must adhere to the terms of this Policy and the Agreement, and, when requesting a Meter Assembly, all Users will perform the following tasks and adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Fill out, execute and submit the Agreement, and pay the appropriate initial fee or deposit, as described below at the Customer Service Counter located at CCWA’s offices at 1600 Battle Creek Road, Morrow, Georgia.
  2. Before a User may fill a Tank Truck with water drawn through a Meter Assembly, the Tank Truck must be inspected by CCWA personnel, as described below.

Hydrant Meter Assembly Users
Hydrant Users are issued Meter Assemblies and shall pay fees and charges as set by CCWA’s Board of Directors. Meter Assemblies shall remain the property of CCWA. Meter Assemblies are read monthly using Beacon technology so that users do not need to bring the hydrant in for usage readings.

Hydrant Users are required to return Meter Assemblies to CCWA’s Warehouse for maintenance and testing annually. Failure to do so will result in a $150 fee billed to the customer monthly until returned.

Fees and Charges
Fees and charges are listed on the application below. For each Meter Assembly, the Hydrant User must pay a $950 deposit, plus a water rate charge of no less than $81.83/month.
Additionally, the CCWA will make collection efforts in any means available to collect the past due balance including, but not limited to sending out past due notices, confiscation of the meter or turning the account over to a third party collection agency. After the balance on the account is more than 60 days past due, CCWA reserves the right to confiscate the meter. Once the meter is confiscated, the account will be closed and the deposit will be forfeited. Additionally, a restocking fee for the meter may be accessed to the account. If the meter is not recovered, the customer will also be billed for the full cost of the meter assembly ($1,290.19) minus any unutilized deposit.

Mobile Tanks/Tank Trucks Requirements

  1. Mobile Tanks (which shall include tank trucks, tag-alongs, and any other types of mobile or portable water tanks) must be brought to the Warehouse for inspection by CCWA personnel prior to being filled through a CCWA hydrant.
  2. If the Mobile Tank passes the inspection, an inspection decal will be applied in a visible location on the Mobile Tank by CCWA personnel. Decals will be highly visible, color coded and valid through the end of the current calendar year.
  3. Mobile Tanks must be inspected annually. Inspections and annual decals for the following calendar year will be available beginning on the first business day in November of the current year.
  4. All Mobile Tanks filled from CCWA hydrants must be filled through a Meter Assembly in accordance with this Policy.
  5. Mobile Tanks must have a permanent air gap filling tube.

Hydrant Decals
All CCWA hydrants shall have a decal affixed thereto stating as follows:
WARNING – CLAYTON COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY “It is unlawful to draw water herefrom without express prior approval from CCWA. Call 770.961.2130 for information regarding obtaining approval. Any person or entity ignoring this Warning shall agree by such use to pay to CCWA for any use of water the value of the water used and a $2,500.00 fee, as well as any consequential damages and shall also agree to be bound by the terms of the current CCWA Water Use Policy.”
Any person or entity that takes water from a CCWA hydrant to which the decal is affixed agrees by such use to the terms of both this Policy and the Agreement.

III. Use of Water in Violation of Policy

Any person or entity who draws water from a CCWA hydrant or from any other access point not approved by the Authority without prior authorization from CCWA, bypasses any backflow preventer or Mobile Tank air gap, fills a Mobile Tank lacking a current inspection decal from a CCWA hydrant, tampers in any way with any Meter Assembly or CCWA hydrant, or otherwise violates this Policy or the Agreement thereby agrees to the terms of the Agreement and may be required, at the sole discretion of CCWA’s General Manager, to pay CCWA for the value of the water used and a fee of up to $2,500.00, as well as any consequential damages arising out of the unauthorized use, including but not limited to expenses related to injury to any persons or property (real or personal) and any resulting court costs, attorney fees or other costs related to any claim by or against CCWA. Such person or entity shall also agree to reimburse CCWA for the cost of any Meter Assemblies and/or meters and their installation required to enable CCWA to determine the amount of water unlawfully withdrawn. Improper use by a User or allowed by a User of any Meter Assembly or CCWA hydrant, or failure by a User to comply with any term of this Policy or the Agreement, will also vest in CCWA a right to repossess any or all of that User’s Meter Assemblies.

Hydrant Meter Application.pdf

Credit Card Authorization Form for Hydrant Meters