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Floodplain Management

Floodplain Maps

Flood insurance rate maps went into effect June 2017 in Clayton County. After years of extensive studies and analysis, CCWA revised the County’s Floodplain Maps, as guided by FEMA. Letters were sent to affected property owners.

These updated maps are more precise than older maps because better flood hazard and risk data has been incorporated, and the latest science has been used to make them more accurate. Flood risks change over time due to construction, development, environmental changes, floodplain widening or shifting, and other factors. These changes send water flowing in new directions, creating flood risks that didn’t exist previously—precisely why flood maps must be updated periodically.

The updated maps give staff a better understanding of local risk assessment, floodplain management, land use and emergency planning.Clayton County is part of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (The District). The Stormwater Utility is leading the effort for the county and cities to comply with The District requirement to map the 100 year floodplain elevation based on existing land use conditions (existing conditions) and on the expected build-out land use conditions (future conditions).

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