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The annual Model Water Tower Competition was started by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals and the Georgia Section of the American Water Works. The purpose is to provide information to young students on water resource engineering, infrastructure, water treatment and conservation in hope that some will become future water professionals. The competition’s mission statement is: “From’s Today’s Youth Come Tomorrow’s Leaders – Let’s Lead Some To The Water Profession.”

2022-23 Competition

The fifth annual competition was held at our Shamrock Community Use Building. On March 15, 2023 CCWA hosted 28 sixth graders from ten CCPS middle schools including Rex Mill Middle School, Babb Middle School, Mundy’s Mill Middle School, M.D. Roberts Middle School, Pointe South Middle School, Kendrick Middle School, Adamson Middle School, Elite Scholars Academy, Eddie White Academy and Jonesboro Middle School.  Students were taken through several testing stations (materials, dimensions, hydraulics) and subject judging. Based on the scores provided by the judges and data from each testing station, we determined the top three teams (see photos below). Several superlative awards were also given. CCWA is proud of the efforts made by all of the competition’s participants. We look forward to continuing to host the MWT competition next spring, and expanding our partnerships with Clayton County Public Schools.
1st Place – Fatima Castillo

Babb Middle School

2nd Place – Corey Andrew

Elite Scholars Academy

3rd Place – Layla Miles and Valentina Carrizo

Adamson Middle School

Best Engineering Design – Natalie Torres and Victoria Zelaya

Jonesboro Middle School

Award for Structural Excellence – Joslyn McKee and Destiny Woods

Eddie White Academy

Outstanding Presentation/Judge’s Choice – Valeria Arroyo and Madison Bowling

Kendrick Middle School