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Locating the Main Shutoff Valve in Your Home 

Keep in mind that water shutoff valves vary in location within homes, and there is no standard placement. However, depending on your home’s construction, there are straightforward methods to locate it.

Locating Shutoff Valve Video

A water emergency at home can be extremely dangerous to your safety and property. When faced with a plumbing leak, a burst pipe or gushing water, you’ll need to know where to find the water shut-off valve in your home to prevent further water damage from occurring and to allow for safe plumbing repairs.

Where are my Supply Valves? 

There are several places where you can turn off the water in your home. The main valve, where the municipal water supply enters your house, can be located on the exterior in the front or back, or indoors in the basement. Alternatively, the municipality may shut off water at the home’s meter, which could be on or off your property. Knowing the location of your shutoff valve allows you to personally control the water supply without the need for tools. Keep reading for detailed information on where and how to shut off your home’s water supply.

Locating the Proper Valve
  • BasementsFor homes with basements, start your search there. The valve is typically situated near the outdoor hose connection or water spigot, positioned on the corresponding interior side of the wall.
  • Crawl Space – In houses with a crawl space, you’ll find the main water shutoff valve beneath it. If your home has a basement, the shutoff valve is typically located where water enters the basement. For homes without a basement, look for the shut-off valve near the water heater or under the kitchen sink.
  • Water Heater Tank – In homes constructed on a slab, you can find your water main shutoff valve near the water heater tank—inspect underneath it or at the top.


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