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Engineering/Developer Information

Water & Sewer

CCWA’s Engineering Section is responsible for designing water and sewer line improvements, plan review of donated assets and assisting in the mapping and management of CCWA assets. Plan Review ensures that water and sewer system additions donated by developers meet CCWA specifications.

CCWA Standard Specifications

The Engineering Section responds to customer inquiries about sewer or water availability and provides estimates for connecting to the CCWA system, including connection fees, tap fees, meter costs and other charges. They also assist GIS staff in developing CCWA infrastructure maps.


CCWA also performs development plan review and inspections for Stormwater Infrastructure.  Below, you will find a copy of the CCWA Stormwater Development Guidelines that will provide you the requirement associated with compliance with the Post Development Stormwater Ordinances for unincorporated Clayton County and the Cities of Forest Park, Jonesboro, Lake City, Lovejoy, Morrow and Riverdale.

CCWA Stormwater Development Guidelines

For information on Meter Quotes, Connection Fees, Design Specifications or other Engineering issues, call 770.960.5207, or email us at