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Behind The Tap Spotlight: Customer Accounts Training Specialist Takara Wilson

Behind The Tap Spotlight: Customer Accounts Training Specialist Takara Wilson

Meet Customer Accounts Training Specialist Takara Wilson. As Training Specialist, Takara is responsible for leading and facilitating new hire training. She also updates training documents and performs one on one training sessions. In addition, Takara works with other departments to assist with any training needs. Takara plays a huge role in managing and coordinating Customer Service Week and Training Day activities.

What she likes most about her job is that she can “make it her own.” Takara enjoys being able to add her own touch to her training methods and procedures. “My manager is great and gives me creative freedom when it comes to anything related to my role.” she says.  Takara not only enjoys teaching new employee’s new things, but she also enjoys learning new things in her role. “Processes and procedures change all the time, so I am constantly learning new things in this role.” she adds.

Takara’s journey at CCWA began as a Call Center Specialist and now a huge part of her role is training new Call Center Specialists for their first day on the phones. Her biggest challenge is having to modify her training styles based on the different learning styles of her audience. “Everyone learns differently so the challenging part would be making sure trainees are all on the same page once they leave my sessions.” Takara works hard to make sure that every person that enters her training rooms comes out knowing everything they need to know about CCWA.

Takara serves as a CCWA Ambassador at many events held by CCWA, including Clayton County Public School Career Days. When not at work, Takara enjoys shopping and trying new restaurants. “I love fashion and trying different types of foods”, she says. When Takara isn’t shopping or trying new restaurants, she is spending time with friends and family. #waterprofessional