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Behind The Tap Spotlight: Stormwater Maintenance Support Supervisor Jeff Crawley

Behind the Tap Spotlight: Stormwater Maintenance Support Supervisor Jeff Crawley 

Meet Stormwater Maintenance Support Supervisor Jeff Crawley. Jeff plays a vital role in which he oversees the work of eight employees that make up three crews, each with its unique responsibilities: the Vac Truck crew, Gradall crew, and Misc crew. The Vac Truck crew cleans pipes and catch basins, the Gradall crew tackles right-of-way (ROW) ditches and replaces driveway pipes, and the Misc crew handles closed circuit televising (CCTV), grouting jobs, and sinkhole repairs.

With a team of 8 employees spread across these crews, Jeff issues work assignments and ensures that tasks are completed up to the standards set by city, county, state, and CCWA regulations. His role is crucial in maintaining the functionality of stormwater infrastructure, contributing to the overall well-being of our community.

What Jeff values most about his job is the people he works with every day. The camaraderie among his colleagues is what makes him look forward to coming to work. Beyond managing tasks, he takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge and guiding his team members towards success in their respective roles. “I love being able to pass down what I’ve learned and pointing them in the right direction to succeed in their role.” Jeff says.

However, the job comes with its set of challenges. Juggling time is one of the biggest hurdles Jeff faces. In addition to his supervisory duties, he is an active member of the Innovation Committee at CCWA. Outside of work, he takes on roles such as the Vice President of his son’s Cross Country High School team, a soccer coach at Henry County Parks and Rec, and a dedicated chauffeur for his twin girls to their dance practices and events.

Reflecting on his years of service, Jeff emphasizes the importance of “ACT” over “REACT” when dealing with challenging situations. “One comment I would like to share about my position as supervisor is when you’re confronted with a situation by someone always “ACT” and don’t “REACT. “REACTING” in a situation means that you are responding based on an impulse taken from an emotional interpretation.  When you “ACT” your response should be based more objectively on the issue at hand after reviewing and analyzing the situation.” he shares.

Jeff’s journey at CCWA started on April 21, 2008, just four days after the birth of his son. Over the years, he has moved through various roles, starting as a Mechanic, and progressing to Lead Mechanic, Senior Operator, Crew Leader, Property Restoration Tech, and finally, his current role as a supervisor. So, what is Jeff’s advice to those aspiring to climb the career ladder? “I recommend people to show initiative to management and try to find a good mentor. Mine is Stormwater Maintenance Manager Marcus McLester.”  #waterprofessional