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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Stormwater Inspection Technicians Deyontai Singleton and Corey Binion

Meet Stormwater Inspection Technicians Deyontai Singleton and Corey Binion. As part of the Stormwater Compliance Team, these guys inspect CCWA’s stormwater infrastructure such as pipes, catch basins, ditches, and outfalls.  These inspections satisfy one of many of the local jurisdictions’ Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permits.  This team is required to inspect 20% of the storm sewer system annually throughout Clayton County and the 6 cities, which equates to roughly 234,000 feet of pipe, 3,000 catch basins, 109,000 feet of ditches, and 545 outfalls.  They conduct these inspections daily using equipment such as pole cameras, CCTV remote cameras, and tablets.

Stormwater Inspection Technicians Deyontai and Corey

According to Corey, Stormwater Inspection Technicians are the first ones of the Stormwater team to see and analyze the system. Once they complete their detailed inspections, a work order is made for necessary maintenance of the system based on their inspection reports.  They also inform the community about keeping the environment clean and safe.

Both guys started their careers at CCWA in Stormwater Maintenance working in the field repairing and replacing infrastructure before moving to the inspection side. Corey likes the scenery, meeting new people, participating as a CCWA Ambassador in career day events and several other events and just being out in the field. Deyontai likes the special cameras and tools they use to capture images.

“I also like coming from the repair side where we replaced the infrastructure to now getting to see the issue from the start,” Deyontai adds. “I can recognize what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t.”

Their challenges include weather, Wi-Fi interruptions and trying to get to outfalls. “If it rains, we can’t do our job. That sometimes could affect our numbers,” says Deyontai. Corey adds that wildlife can also be a challenge, “We have to stay cautious!”

This pandemic makes the job a little bit harder. “We work more independently in the field now, but help is always one call away!” adds Corey. #waterprofessionals