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Behind The Tap Spotlight: Meter Services Senior Account Service Representative Terrance Edmond

Behind the Tap Spotlight: Meter Services Senior Account Service Representative Terrance Edmond

Meet Meter Services Senior Account Service Representative Terrance Edmond. Terrance’s daily responsibilities involve assigning and dispatching duties to his Account Services team, the backbone of field operations. His day begins promptly at 6 AM, a testament to his dedication in managing a team of 12 members. Terrance reveals that the team’s work varies daily, but he estimates that his team efficiently handles around 450 orders per day. Whether it’s addressing issues in the field or coordinating with Customer Service to resolve inquiries, Terrance plays a pivotal role in keeping things running smoothly.

What fuels his passion for this role is the freedom it offers to provide help where it’s needed most. Terrance thrives on problem- solving and cherishes the sense of making a difference in the community he serves. However, he acknowledges that his role isn’t without challenges, particularly when disconnecting water services due to unpaid balances. “Balancing the need to collect dues by maintaining a high level of customer service can be challenging,” he mentions.

Within Meter Services, Terrance describes the environment as a close-knit family. “Although we work independently, we come together as a team when required,” he says. With two years in his current role and prior experiences as a Grounds Maintenance Crew Member and Meter Reader, Terrance has evolved into a role he is deeply passionate about.

Beyond his daily duties, Terrance is actively involved at CCWA. He previously served on the Safety Team and is a part of our Change Champions Team. Additionally, he successfully completed the first phase of the Future Leaders Academy, highlighting his commitment to personal and professional growth.

In the web of CCWA’s operations, it’s individuals like Terrance who ensure that water flows seamlessly to homes and businesses, reminding us of the dedicated professionals behind the scenes. #waterprofessional