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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Meter Installation Crew

Meet CCWA Meter Installation Crew made up of Crew Leader Scott Cantrell, Equipment Operator Kenneth Earp and Utility Service Mechanic Lariicco Elliott. (They are currently short one mechanic.) Their job responsibilities encompass many aspects of maintaining and updating CCWA’s water distribution system that carries clean, safe drinking water to customers’ homes and businesses.

Meter Installation Crew members Scott Cantrell, Kenneth Earp and Lariicco Elliot.

Their primary focus is installing and/or replacing domestic and commercial water meters and fire lines in sizes ranging from 5/8” to 12”. They build the meter assemblies, notify the customer of water service interruption, excavate the jobsite, install the meter, test the backflow devices, and restore water to the customer. Other job responsibilities include the installation of water mains, fire hydrants, valves, and as well as the EZ Valve system for installing valves on live water mains.

They also repair leaks throughout the system as needed, and have performed maintenance at CCWA’s water reclamation and production plants.  “Our crew also accomplishes special projects from time to time, such as grading the parking lot adjacent to the maintenance shop, spreading asphalt millings on the lower yard, and cleaning the pond in front of CCWA’s HQ building,” Scott says.

They have diverse backgrounds and experiences in several fields of construction. “This strengthens our team by providing different points of views which gives us several options for overcoming problems and completing tasks in a timely and safe manner,” Scott adds.

They each like different aspects of the job. Lariicco’s favorite part is working with his fellow coworkers here at CCWA. Kenneth likes the variety of work and operating equipment. Scott enjoys using critical thinking to accomplish complicated and challenging tasks.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought changes as CCWA shifted schedules and hightened safety protocols.

“With the start of COVID-19, our crew joined forces with the pipe installation crews on the Tara Boulevard project to move a 24” water main. Meter exchanges were put on hold to prevent the interruption of water to customers during this critical time, but the work kept coming in and piling up,” Scott says.

Working in the field brings many challenges. One of which is informing customers that you need to turn off their water to exchange or repair their meter. “Often times, we have been in the process of installing a large water meter at an apartment complex, and tenants will voice their dissatisfaction with the interruption of their water service,” Scott adds.

Another challenge is building materials in areas of new construction which can obstruct work. In these situations they coordinate with the job superintendent to have the area cleared. There are many more challenges they face on a day to day basis, but they work through them and get the job done. #waterprofessionals