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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Distribution & Resource Coordinator Adam Horton

Distribution & Resource Coordinator Adam Horton

Meet Distribution & Resource Coordinator Adam Horton. Adam manages CCWA’s Water Production re-pump facilities, elevated tanks and reservoir dams. He also compiles inspection reports on CCWA dams for submittal to Georgia Safe Dams program, coordinates distribution system improvement projects, oversees the preventive maintenance program for Water Production and manages and operates the CCWA ground water well program.

One of his current projects includes the draining, cleaning, disinfecting, and painting of the ground storage tanks at Noah’s Ark Road and Dixon Industrial Boulevard, and the tanks in Forest Park.

Adam has worked at CCWA for 18 years starting as a GPS Surveyor and Inspector before moving to Water Production where he first worked as the Distribution & Resource Technician. He holds a Class III Water Operator License, a Water Distribution License, Wastewater Collections License, Backflow License and is a Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) Level 1B Certified Inspector.

Adam likes being able to work with other sections in the company. He served as a Brand Champion when CCWA rebranded with its ‘new’ logo back in 2015 and currently serves as a Change Champion (an internal team that works to improve communication and share information about projects and changes that affect employees).

“I also like the collaboration of the Water Production team. Everyone shares the same vision and mission of providing the best product (Water),” he adds.

His biggest challenges are technology changes, energy consumption and conservation.

When asked how the pandemic changed his job or added challenges, he says, “The pandemic has showed me just how important each CCWA staff member is.  It also taught me a whole new “normal” of ways to communicate with others.” #waterprofessional