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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Customer Accounts Specialist Kawanis Howell

Meet Customer Accounts Specialist Kawanis Howell.  Kawanis works in Customer Service where her duties include processing new service, courtesy credits for leak adjustments and other customer service needs. She works a later shift and handles all emergency calls from 5 – 9 p.m. during the week and during the day on Saturday. These calls include water main breaks, sewer backups, no water, low pressure, leaks and other important customer related concerns.  She also monitors and responds to customers who reach out through CCWA’s Facebook page. She also fills in at CCWA’s HQ or Forest Park offices when they are short staffed on the counter.

Customer Account Specialist Kawanis Howell

Kawanis works closely with CCWA’s troubleshooters and other field staff as she provides information they need to respond to the emergency while fielding calls and staying in touch with plant staff if needed. Large water main breaks can lead to lots of calls from understandably upset customers. She has a way of bringing a calm assurance as she works to help.

Life in customer service is busy. Each month, CCWA averages more than 24,000 calls, more than 15, 000 walk-in transactions and more than 1,200 new service/move in orders.

“Working in customer service is hard. I think all our jobs can be hard at times. Mine sure is. But I’m lucky to work with the people I work with. They remind me that we all have a heavy load, but we also have each other and when I feel overwhelmed it’s my teammates that give me the push I need,” she says.

She epitomizes quality service whether assisting customers or her peers. Her personality radiates and immediately brightens any room. When she is filling in at either of CCWA’s customer service locations, you see big smiles on the faces of the customers she assists. You hear their laughter. When it is a tough case such as a disconnected service and a really high bill due to a leak, Kawanis provides a calming presence as she works to get the customer’s service restored.

She served as a CCWA Brand Champion back in 2015 when CCWA rebranded and rolled out its current logo. She has also starred in CCWA’s educational videos on finding leaks and stormwater pollution prevention. (You can watch these on CCWA’s YouTube channel – Clayton County Water and see them at AMC Theater in Morrow.)

“I like everything about my job. I get the chance to provide help to others on a daily basis.  From helping my teammates with positive reinforcements to our customers with relief with a large bill. And I get to work from home and come in office. I’m grateful to do what I do,” she says.

The pandemic did not have a major impact on her day to day since she already teleworked. What stands out though is how supportive everyone is to one another at CCWA. “I’m really proud of the way CCWA handled this difficult time,” she adds.

Her biggest challenge is what’s next…. “I love what I do and feel important, but I also know in time I must move on to another position here at CCWA. I’m not sure where my path leads yet.” #waterprofessional