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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Call Center Lead Justin Burns

 Meet Call Center Lead Justin Burns. Justin troubleshoots standard day-to-day inquiries and handles escalations from customers. He is responsible for frequent follow ups directly to customers via telephone, email and other correspondence. He also assists with training new customer service representatives and providing technical coaching and development to assigned customer service representatives.

Customer service can be challenging; However, Justin finds it rewarding when he is able to deescalate an irate customer and offer a resolution that benefits the customer and CCWA.  He enjoys researching and figuring out issues with customer’s accounts. “I also enjoy speaking with our customers and making sure they are pleased with our service here at CCWA,” he adds.

The pandemic changed his job in many ways. Justin and the rest of the Call Center team had to quickly shift during the shelter in place last spring and get set up at home so they could continue answering calls and assisting customers.  He says the pandemic has helped him think further outside the box in order to assist customers to the best of his ability while still maintaining CCWA policy and procedures. “We have had to alter some of our policies to assist our customers,” he adds. “The pandemic has also taught me how to be more empathetic to the situations that some of our customers are put in.”

To be successful in customer service, you must have a passion for it. Justin’s passion shines through and often leads to commendations from customers he has assisted. His favorite quote is “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” (Damon Richards).

“I LOVE working as Call Center Lead because I truly enjoy my team and couldn’t do this job without them. They are the best!” #waterprofessional