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Behind the Tap Series:

Stormwater Equipment Operator Chasten Burns and Stormwater Crew Leader Kwame Gyimah

Meet CCWA Stormwater Equipment Operator Chasten Burns and Stormwater Crew Leader Kwame Gyimah. Chasten and Kwame work in our Stormwater Department operating our Stormwater Combination Vacuum-Jet Truck. This truck is like a huge vacuum cleaner on wheels. They work systematically through the county cleaning out catch basins and stormwater pipes to maintain proper water flow through the structures and pipes. They also respond to service requests initiated by our Call Center.

Roadway flooding can be caused by clogged catch basins. During heavy rain events, ChasVac Truck Crewen and Kwame are on the road making sure catch basins are open and working their vac truck magic on those that aren’t.

The biggest challenge they face is finding a catch basin full of household and personal items. They find everything from electronic devices, needles, sofas, mattresses, bikes, balls, leaves and even guns. “We want to remind customers to never use a catch basin as a trash can. Think about us before you dump your trash in any catch basin!”

They like that their truck is not only used to handle their job requirements, but they are also pulled to help other crews in Stormwater complete their jobs. This gives Chasten and Kwame the chance to experience how the other Stormwater pipe crews work together on their jobs.

In October, the guys were recognized, along with other Stormwater staff, for helping alleviate dangerous flooding near West Clayton Elementary School in Riverdale. Their work with the vac truck helped cleanout clogged infrastructure that kept stormwater from flowing as designed.

Chasten and Kwame also serve as CCWA Ambassadors. They are quite famous on the Career Day circuit here in Clayton County for their ‘Career on Wheel’s demonstrations where they show students how the truck vacuums up items and can spray water for many feet. #waterprofessional