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Behind the Tap Spotlight: Stormwater Senior Inspection Technician Chris Bond

Behind the Tap Spotlight: Stormwater Senior Inspection Technician Chris Bond

Meet Stormwater Senior Inspection Technician Chris Bond. As Senior Stormwater Inspector, Chris is responsible for creating work orders and assigning inspections for technicians to complete out in the field. Once a work order is completed, Chris will look at the form and if an issue is found then he will create a work order for the repair crew. The repair crew may need specific equipment to get the job done and that is also where Chris comes in. “They may need a specific PPE or something else. When that happens, I ensure that they receive the equipment to make the process as effective as possible.”

Chris also works closely with our Spatial Assets department when new structures need to be added or removed using the ArcMap program. “Our team finds new infrastructure constantly so once they inform me, I will add them to ArcMap and Spatial Assets will process the update.” he adds. Each year, our Stormwater Department has a select number and footage that is required to be completed in each city within our county. Chris is the one that is over monitoring this progress to ensure that the requirements are met.

Chris enjoys the atmosphere that has been established within the Stormwater department. “We are a family that looks after each other.” “I enjoy being challenged and this job does that for me,” he adds. The biggest challenge that he faces is having to do multiple tasks all at one time. “I must be sure to cover all bases and check every box that needs to be checked daily and weekly.”

Chris has been with CCWA for 14 years and enjoys being involved in as much as he can. He serves as a member of the Stormwater Committee and the Diversity Committee with the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. “I am currently writing an article on diversity that will be published on the GAWP website and their monthly magazine “The Georgia Operator”, he says. #waterprofessional