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The Clayton County Water Authority was created by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly on March 7, 1955 to provide water and sewer services to just over 450 customers while employing a staff of eight employees. Since then, the Authority has grown to provide water, sewer and storm water services to more than a quarter of a million people throughout Clayton County and its six cities through approximately 78,500 customer accounts. The Authority has five raw water reservoirs and can produce up to 42 million gallons per day of potable water and treat up to 38.4 million gallons of wastewater every day. Plus, the Authority maintains approximately 1,500 miles of water distribution pipes, 1,400 miles of sewer conveyance pipes and storm water infrastructure throughout the county and its cities.

Clayton County is situated just south of Atlanta, Georgia with Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport located in the very northern part of the County. The county is one of Georgia's smallest counties in terms of land size with an area of only 143 square miles. Yet, with more than 270,000 residents, it is one of the state's most densely populated. Within Clayton County, there are six incorporated cities: Forest Park, Jonesboro, Lake City, Lovejoy, Morrow and Riverdale.

Despite having limited surface or ground water supplies available, the Water Authority has developed a truly sustainable water supply through the utilization of treatment wetlands for the recycling of treated wastewater. During the second worst drought on record in 2007 when many utilities in north Georgia were in danger of running out of water, we were able to proclaim that “it’s raining every day in Clayton County” because of the recycling of over 10 million gallons per day of reuse water.

The Clayton County Water Authority is governed by a Water Authority Board of Directors composed of seven members. Each board member serves on a part-time basis for a term of five years and may be reappointed for additional terms. Members of the Board are appointed by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners. In addition to the Board of Directors, there are approximately 370 employees, managers, supervisors and staff from six primary departments, who carry out the day-to-day mission of the Water Authority. This mission is to provide quality water and quality services to our community.

The award-winning Authority is recognized as an industry leader, with utility peers from all over the nation and world visiting our system to learn more about processes such as our leak detection program and our use of constructed wetlands.

From a financial perspective, the Authority has an operating budget of approximately $84 million and utilizes over $546 million of public assets in the provision of water and sewer services to its customers. The Authority's Stormwater Utility has an operating budget of $9.4 million to fund the operation and maintenance of its stormwater system. In addition, the revenue bonds that have been issued by the CCWA have been assigned a "AA+" (double A plus) bond rating by the major rating agencies. Bonds which are rated "AA+" are considered high quality by all standards and further reflect the Authority's sound financial position as a public water utility. The Authority is self-sustaining and does not receive any tax dollars.

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