The Clayton County Water Authority has a rich history dating back to when the Georgia General Assembly established the Authority in 1955. Below are the Authority's highlights from last year. To read more of our history, click on one of the decade tabs to the right.


  • The year started off with continued heavy rains and the rippling effects of the Flint, Michigan water crisis. The crisis in Flint showed the critical importance of safe tap water and underscored that our first job as water professionals is to protect the families we serve. CCWA staff increased education outreach efforts to explain what we do in Clayton County and in the state of Georgia to make sure something similar doesn’t happen here.
  • CCWA launches a Facebook Closed Group page for employees as additional internal communication tool.
  • Board Member Sophia Haynes’ term ended in late February. Mr. Robin Malone was appointed to a five year term to replace her.
  • CCWA’s management team and board members provided input on a new vision statement. General Manager Mike Thomas decided to get input from a group of younger employees so he created a Future Vision project and had the group share their ideas about how CCWA will continue as a leader in the water industry, what the world of work will look like, the impact of technology on work and changes in customers and customer service over the next 10-15 years. The finalized new vision statement, “Utilizing Innovation to Provide Industry-Leading Service for Our Community” was rolled out to staff in the fall.
  • The Newman Wetlands Center hosts ‘Unfiltered’, its first wetlands-inspired art exhibit.
  • Meter Services and Customer Service staff celebrated National ‘Fix a Leak’ Week in March by reaching out to walk in customers again this year at its HQ and Forest Park customer service lobbies. Staff shared tips and information on finding and fixing the most common household leaks. They reached more than 1,000 customers.
  • CCWA’s Small Local Business Program and Clayton County Central Services Department sponsored a Small Business Expo at Clayton State University in March.
  • Finance staff earned the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA)Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report for fiscal year ending April 30, 2015.  This marks the Authority’s 29th consecutive year earning this prestigious award.
  • CCWA hosted its annual Household Hazardous Waste Amnesty Day in April for Clayton County residents to bring in old and unused paints, cleaners, batteries, bulbs and medications. 503 vehicles were checked in and unloaded, taking in 92,000 lbs. of materials.
  • Northeast Water Reclamation Staff earned the Georgia Association of Water Professionals’ Wastewater Plant of the Year Award for the Advanced Treatment 6 – 9.9 Million Gallons per Day Category during the association’s spring conference in April.
  • W. B. Casey Water Reclamation Facility Plant Supervisor Mike Holt earned the Georgia Association of Water Professionals’ Top Wastewater Operator for District 3 during the spring conference.
  • A 2% rate adjustment for water base rates and a 3% rate adjustment for sewer base rates went into effect in May. Stormwater rates remained the same.
  • CCWA celebrated National Drinking Water Week in May with an Open House at the Terry R. Hicks Water Production Plant and outreach activities at its HQ and Forest Park customer service lobbies.
  • Staff hosted more than 530 fourth grade students from several south metro counties at the 2nd annual Southern Children’s Water Festival. The hands-on-learning event celebrates National Drinking Water Week and provides quality water education so the students can connect the quantity and quality of our local rivers, lakes and streams.
  • In June, CCWA earns The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s Inaugural STREAM Award for Wastewater and Septic Projects for its innovative use of constructed treatment wetlands.
  • CCWA’s Water Resource Engineer Shayla Nealy received the Georgia Association of Water Professionals Jack C. Dozier Emerging Leader Award during the association’s annual conference in July.
  • CCWA begins offering a Senior Citizen Discount Program for qualified seniors in August. The program assists low income seniors by providing up to a $5 a month discount on their monthly bill ($2.50 off water and $2.50 off sewer). The program is funded from fees received from CCWA’s partnership with Gas South.
  • CCWA was recognized as a ‘Utility of the Future – Today’ in September by partnership of water sector organizations, including: the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Water Environment Federation, the Water Environment and Reuse Foundation and the WateReuse Association. CCWA was one of only 61 utilities in U.S., Canada and Denmark who were honored for exceptional performance. This is the first year the recognition is given.
  • A Level 1 Drought Response was declared for most of north Georgia in late September.
  • CCWA implemented a new security master plan in October to improve the safety and security of its facilities, resources and safety of its personnel.
  • More than 500 visitors attended the annual Wetlands & Watershed Festival in October.
  • A Level 2 Drought Response was declared for all of metro Atlanta in October after many months of severe drought. This requires using the odd/even outdoor watering schedule.
  • This year’s Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup in October was held at Swint Elementary. 271 community volunteers collected trash and debris from a portion of the Flint River.
  • Finance staff received its 11th Governmental Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Award – this time for the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget.
  • CCWA won big at the Georgia Association of Water Professionals Fall Conference in November. Awards included: 2016 Distribution System Gold Award, 2016 Collection System Platinum Award, 2016 Wastewater Lab Award for systems serving greater than 20 Million Gallons per Day, Environmental Compliance and Lab Supervisor Jennifer Brandon received the 2016 Water Environment Federation Analyst Excellence Award, Shoal Creek Water Reclamation Facility received the 2016 GWEF Burke Safety Award and Plant Services Supervisor Brent Taylor received the 2016 Top Maintenance Technician Award.
  • CCWA’s Small Business Enterprise Program held its annual business social mixer in November and finished the year with 102 certified small local businesses.
  • The year that began with extreme rain events ended with drought conditions. Fortunately, rains at the end of the year did help.

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