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The information contained in this web site was compiled solely for Development projects pertaining to the Clayton County Water Authority. Any use of this data for projects other than submittals to CCWA shall be at your own risk. Additionally, in the event that you are using the data for a submittal to CCWA, it is your sole responsibility to verify the accuracy, precision or utility of the information contained herein and to exercise your best professional judgment.


Water & Sewer Standard Specifications

Standard Details

Meter Installation Fees


Stormwater Management

Georgia Stormwater Management Manual Site Development Review Tool(1.73MB)

Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

Clayton County Stormwater Development Guidelines 

Stormwater Management Plan Submittal Procedures

Stormwater Fee Credit Application 


Floodplain Management

Order Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Insurance Study from FEMA

Elevation Certificate

Floodproofing Certificate

CAD As-Builts

Electronic As-Built CAD Standards

(Document in pdf format)

Helpful Hints for Electronic As-Built Completion

(Document in pdf format)

Sample As-Built CAD Drawing

(CAD drawing is in dwg format)

Stormwater Block Tool Palette for AutoCad users

(Unzip and view readme.txt for directions)

Standard Stormwater Blocks

(CAD drawing in dwg format)


Tile Index Map

GPS Monument Network

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