Water Reclamation

Once water leaves a consumer's home or a local business after consumption, it enters the Authority's complex system of pipes and lift stations known as the conveyance system. The final destination of this system is one of three water reclamation facilities (WRFs) - Northeast, Shoal Creek or W.B. Casey.

The W.B. Casey facility houses the Authority's water reclamation departmental offices and wastewater laboratory. This state-of-the-art upgraded wastewater treatment facility was put into operation in the summer of 2004.

In these water reclamation facilities, wastewater passes through a series of standard treatment and purification processes. The first process is called preliminary treatment, which consists of screening and grit removal. Debris, sand, and grit collected in these processes are hauled to a landfill for disposal.


The next stop in the treatment train is called the Biological Reactor basins. This is the heart of the process and involves the presence of billions of common bacteria and microorganisms whose primary function is to stabilize the waste materials in the water by utilizing the remaining organic matter and nutrients as their food supply.


Once the water has been biologically treated, it is sent to settling tanks, called clarifiers, where solids are separated from the water for further recycling. Effluent water from these clarifiers is then put through a disinfection process to kill any remaining pathogens. CCWA uses both chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection processes. At this point, most water utilities would discharge their effluent to a receiving stream, which is what happens to effluent at our Northeast WRF. But CCWA uses an additional polishing treatment process called Natural Treatment Systems.


After the initial phase of wastewater treatment, CCWA then utilizes natural treatment systems to complete the purification of this reclaimed water. To learn more about CCWA's innovative natural treatment systems, click on the Water Reuse Tab.


Treatment Plant Operator Magazine recently featured the W.B. Casey Water Reclamation Facility as a top plant performer in its June issue.  Click here to read the article.  

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