Water Production Facilities

The Clayton County Water Authority operates three award-winning water production facilites.

W.J. Hooper Water Production Facility

The W.J. Hooper WPF was CCWA's first water treatment plant. It originally opened in 1956 and was upgraded in 1963, 1966,1977 and 2006. This drinking water plant can treat up to 20 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD). Philip Beckham is the Plant Supervisor.

Terry R. Hicks Water Production Facility

The Terry R. Hicks WPF opened in 1999 and can treat up to 10 MGD. This innovative facility features the state-of-the-art ClariCone purification process. CCWA is one of the only water systems in the southeast to utilize this innovative method for treating drinking water. This facility also houses the Water Production departmental offices and water quality lab. Coty McDaniel is the Plant Supervisor.

J.W. Smith Water Production Facility

The J.W. Smith WPF opened in 1985. The facility was upgraded in 1990 and is currently undergoing another upgrade that is scheduled to be completed in late 2011. This plant can treat up to 12 MGD. Stephen Tarpley is the Plant Supervisor.

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