Stormwater Management


The Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) is the county's one stop shop for all water issues. The Clayton County Government, its Cities and the Water Authority worked together to implement a Stormwater Management Program that provides residents and businesses with an improved level of service. The CCWA took full responsibility of all stormwater services on July 1, 2007.

While stormwater utilities are popping up all over Metro Atlanta, Clayton County was one of the first jurisdictions to have a unified utility that includes unincorporated areas and local cities. The Clayton County Board of Commissioners and the city councils of Forest Park, Jonesboro, Lake City, Lovejoy, Morrow and Riverdale adopted the Clayton County Stormwater Utility Ordinance in 2006, placing the new countywide utility under the management of the Water Authority.

What is stormwater?

When it rains, impervious surfaces such as driveways, parking lots and rooftops can cause stormwater to 'runoff' into ditches, storm drains and other stormwater infrastructure. This runoff picks up trash, chemicals, dirt, yard waste, animal waste and other pollutants that get into our lakes, streams, rivers and eventually our reservoirs that are the community's water supply.

Does stormwater affect our drinking water?

Yes! When pollutants from stormwater get into the reservoirs that provide our community's water supply, the water quality is reduced. The more polluted the water is going into our reservoirs, the more costly it is to treat and produce clean, safe drinking water.

How does Stormwater create flooding? Increasing the amount of stormwater runoff in ditches and storm drains can cause them to overflow, resulting in flooding of roadways, yards, homes and businesses. Flooded roadways can impact emergency service operations and be dangerous to drivers and cause vehicle accidents.

Is the stormwater system in Clayton County new?

No, a large portion of the community has stormwater pipes and drains that are at least 30 years old and are reaching the end of their lifespan. Pipe failures can cause sink holes in the roads and on private properties that can be costly to repair. CCWA Stormwater Maintenance Crews work throughout the county cleaning, repairing and replacing stormwater structures such as catch basins, headwalls and drop inlets, and replacing numerous sections of corroded corrugated metal pipe that have resulted in sink holes.

What stormwater management services are provided by CCWA?

  • Construction Plan Reviews and Inspections
  • Floodplain Management
  • Illicit Discharge/Illegal Connection Inspections
  • Maintenance of stormwater infrastructure within the road right-of-way, and directly connected to the right-of-way
  • Public Education/Public Involvement

Why is a Stormwater Utility necessary?

Simply put - an improved level of service. Stormwater can create problems like flooding and sinkholes across Clayton County. Having one agency responsible for managing these issues means more efficient and cost-effective service to residents and businesses across the entire community. The Stormwater Utility also helps Clayton County meet federal and state water quality standards that become harder to meet as our county continues to grow. The Clayton County Stormwater Utility is the fairest way to provide a dedicated funding source for countywide stormwater management.

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