SLBE Workshop Presentations

CCWA's SLBE Program hosts Special Topic Workshops to help small local businesses Learn. Grow. Connect. CCWA's fiscal year runs May 1 - April 30. The workshops are held quarterly. A link to each quarterly presentation is found below: 


2nd Quarter

RFP Responses & Proposal Writing: How To Develop A Winning Proposal, click here

3rd Quarter

There were no workshops held during the 3rd quarter as our annual SLBE Networking Mixer is held during the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter

Small Business Contracting Law: Understanding Your Contract, click here.

Accurate and Competitive Pricing: How To Price It Right, click here.



1st Quarter

The 1st workshop of the new fiscal year  titled "Project Preparedness and Readiness: Understanding the Deliverables" was held on May 1, 2018 and was a follow-up to the Accurate and Competitive Pricing workshop that was held in April.  Mr. Albert L. Smith, Owner of Unique Consulting, LLC led the two-hour training.  Mr. Sam Newberry, of American Surety Bonds Agency, LLC also presented valuable information regarding bonding.  Topics included: 

1. Project Preparedness: Is this opportunity right for my firm?

  • Self/Corporate examination
  • Pros and cons of bidding
  • Dangers of overextending

2. Project Readiness: Do you have a complete understanding of the deliverables?

  • Self/Corporate examination
  • Is my firm capable of providing the deliverables?
  • Pros and cons of teaming


To view the PDF presentation, click here.

To view the workshop in it's entirety click the video.

Workshop Video

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