A charge is hereby levied on users of the Clayton County Water Authority's POTW for the total cost of operation and maintenance of such works, including replacement. The system of charges shall be established, maintained and annually reviewed and revised to assure that each recipient of wastewater treatment services pays its proportionate share of the cost of operation and maintenance, including replacement. In setting said rates, factors such as strength, volume and delivery flow rate characteristics shall be considered by CCWA and included as the basis for the user's contribution to insure proportional distribution of total operation, maintenance and replacement cost to each user or class of user. CCWA shall review user charges annually, and revise them periodically to reflect actual treatment works total operations, maintenance and replacement cost. Sewer user service charges and rates shall be set for the purpose of generating sufficient revenue to offset the cost of all treatment works operations, maintenance and replacement costs.

(A) Service Charge Determination

Sewer user service charge shall be determined as follows:

  1. The said sewer user service charge shall be based upon the quantity of water used by the said premises or facility therein or thereon as the same is measured by a water meter or meters therein used, or as otherwise currently established.
  2. Said sewer user service charge shall be established by a formula consisting of the fraction of the "total operation, maintenance and replacement cost per unit time" over the "total volume contribution from all users per unit time" multiplied by the "volume contribution from the user per unit of time".
  3. Said sewer user service charge shall consist of a charge per 1,000 gallons of water consumed, including adjustments thereto.
  4. Water used from private sources shall be metered as required in Sec. 98-3(B) and that portion of the sewer user service charge for the portion of sewerage shall be computed according to Section 98-3 (A).

(B) Other Water Sources

In the event a lot, parcel of land, premise or facility discharging wastewater, industrial waste, water or other liquids, either directly or indirectly into CCWA's wastewater system, or which ultimately enters the sewer system, is supplied either whole or in part, with water from wells, or any source other than CCWA, then such wells other source of supply shall be registered with CCWA, and if the water from said well or other supply is not measured by a water meter, the owner or occupant shall, at his own cost, install and maintain a meter on said supplies in such a location and in such a manner as is satisfactory to CCWA. These meters shall serve as a control for the establishment of the sewer service charge and shall be read monthly or bimonthly by agents of CCWA.

(C) Wastewater Not Discharged to POTW

Where it can be shown to the satisfaction of the Manager that a significant portion of the water as measured by the water meter or meters does not enter the wastewater system, then the Manager may require or permit the installation of additional meters or other devices as may be deemed necessary to establish that portion that does not enter the wastewater system, and the correct meter flow will be used for billing of the sewer user service charge. All such additional facilities will be provided by the owner of the premises concerned or other interested parties at no expense to CCWA.

(D) Termination of Service

If the payment of the sewer user service charge and/or the industrial waste surcharge is allowed to go into default by the customer, CCWA may take appropriate action to terminate the customer's water and sewer service, until such time as all sums due for sewer service, including penalties, are paid in full.