Reporting a Problem

The Clayton County Water Authority is your one stop shop for all water issues. Our Call Center is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. If you need to report a water, wastewater or stormwater problem, please contact the CCWA Call Center at 770.960.5200, then press 5.


To Report an Emergency After Hours

To report an emergency, such as a water main break, large water leak, sewer backup or storm drainage issue after regular business hours, please call 770.960.5200.


To Report a Drainage Problem or Sinkhole

To report a drainage problem or sinkhole during regular business hours, please call 770.960.5200, then press 5. To report this problem after hours, please call 770.960.5200.


To Report Illegal Dumping

It is important to keep our stormwater infrastructure, streams and creeks free of any harmful items that wind up in our drinking water reservoirs. This includes used motor oils, paints, pesticides, chemicals, litter, trash and even grass clippings.

Many people believe that everything in a storm drain goes through a treatment process just like wastewater. However, Clayton County's stormwater infrastructure is not tied in to our sanitary sewer system. So, everything that makes its way into a storm drain, stream or creek winds up in our raw water reservoirs.

If you see someone dumping anything into one of Clayton County's storm drains, streams or creeks, please contact Cornell Sims at or 961.2130 ext. 5521 so we can investigate the incident. If you see someone in a vehicle dumping, any information you can provide (tag number, company name, etc.) is helpful.

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