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CCWA Named ‘Clean Water Hero’ by The Georgia Water Coalition

Oct 1, 2018 by Suzanne Brown


The Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) is proud to have been included in the 2018 Clean 13 Report recently published by The Georgia Water Coalition.

The report highlights individuals, businesses, industries, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies whose extraordinary efforts have led to cleaner water in Georgia.

“Since the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, we’ve seen Georgia’s waterways become cleaner and healthier, but there’s still much that needs to be done,” said Joe Cook, advocacy and communication coordinator with Coosa River Basin Initiative, a Georgia Water Coalition member organization. “Those recognized in our Clean 13 report are setting new standards to protect, preserve and restore Georgia’s rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters.”

CCWA was recognized for a project at the W.B. Casey Water Resource Recovery Facility that will return up to 6.6 million gallons per day (MGD) (and a peak flow of 18.5 MGD) of treated effluent back to the Flint River. The $15 million project is slated to be completed in early 2020 and will help restore water levels in the Upper Flint. CCWA will continue to discharge 17.4 MGD of treated effluent to its innovative E.L. Huie Jr. Constructed Treatment Wetlands. Discharging to the wetlands and the Flint River will allow CCWA to match the Casey WRRF design treatment capacity of 24 MGD.

“It is very important that we are good stewards of our water resources because we are located in the upper end of our watersheds where water supply is limited,” adds Assistant General Manager – Operations Jim Poff. “This project allows us to return water to the Flint River equal to the amount we withdraw making us a great neighbor to our friends downstream.”
The Georgia Water Coalition publishes this list not only to recognize these positive efforts on behalf of Georgia’s water but also as a call to action for our state’s leaders and citizens to review these success stories, borrow from them and emulate them. The Georgia Water Coalition is a consortium of more than 250 conservation and environmental organizations, hunting and fishing groups, businesses, and faith-based organizations that have worked to protect Georgia’s water since 2002. For more information on The Georgia Water Coalition, contact: Joe Cook at 706.409.0128 or jcook@coosa.org

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