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CCWA Cancels Tomorrow’s Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup

Oct 27, 2017 by Cree Cornish


Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) has decided to cancel the county's upcoming annual Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup on October 28, that was scheduled to be held at Panhandle Park, due to inclement weather.

The decision comes after CCWA's Stormwater Management, who host this event every fall, reviewed weather forecasts and discussed the possibility that the high chance of rain would negatively impact the cleanup. Rivers Alive is CCWA's largest community volunteer event. CCWA thanks those who planned to volunteer this year.

Look for future announcements regarding this event on the CCWA website www.ccwa.us.

Clayton County's event is part of the state-wide Rivers Alive volunteer cleanup event that targets all waterways in the state of Georgia, including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches and wetlands.

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