Sewer Maintenance

I hear gurgling in the toilet or bath tub. What should I do?

Contact our Call Center at 770.961.2130 so we can dispatch a CCWA representative to check our main sewer line. If there is not a problem on our side of the line, we will leave a Sewer Backup Policy (which explains the steps to take when experiencing a sewer issue). You will need to contact a professional plumber at your cost. CCWA will need to be contacted to come back out to your property when your plumber is televising your sewer line, or exposing the connection to the CCWA’s sewer lateral. If the problem is determined to be related to CCWA’s Sewer mains, the cleanup and repair may be paid for by CCWA. However, that is at the sole discretion of CCWA. If the problem is determined to be on your side of the system, you will be responsible for all of the expenses related to repairs, cleanup, etc.

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