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How long does it take to establish service if I walk into either of your locations?

Please allow for 10-15 minutes for us to process your application for service. During this time, a Customer Service Representative will need your completed application, a form of picture identification, social security number, proof that you own or are leasing the property, and the appropriate deposit for service. When applying for new service in person, deposits need to be paid using cash, check or money order. For new Clayton County Water Authority customers with two names on their lease or settlement statement, both social security numbers will be required for new service. One person can come in to start service, but they will have to provide ID and social security numbers for both parties. Your information will then be entered into our system and a work order will be processed to connect your service the next business day. If you are applying for new service via fax, please return the completed and signed Application for Service and Service Agreement to 770.960.5894. It will take 3 -5 business days to process any New Service Agreements that are faxed or emailed to Customer Service. If you have any questions regarding new service, please call 770.960.3606.

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