Guided Programs


Educational opportunities are available year-round for schools and other civic groups. Groups visiting the Wetlands Center will be led by a knowledgeable member of the conservation staff while experiencing the sights and sounds of a quiet, restored wetland. Visitors typically see various species of song and wading birds, turtles, snakes, frogs, and deer. Some lucky visitors also spot beavers, otters, and other more elusive species.

Adult Groups

Adult programs will focus on the human and natural histories of our site. Guides will lead you around the main boardwalk area and time permitting, up Scout Trail to Wood Duck Overlook. This interpretive program will include storytelling, an introduction to wetland ecology, exploration time in the Learning Center, and potentially numerous wildlife viewing opportunities. Topics can be modified depending on your group’s interests and goals.

School Programs

Our K-12 programs include storytelling and discussions about the human and natural histories of the site, an introduction to wetland ecology, exploration time in the Learning Center, and potential wildlife viewing opportunities. Guides will introduce scholars to the plants and animals within our wetland and forest habitat areas, challenge them to answer their own questions, and encourage them to explore with their eyes and ears.Danielle with group on trail

Our goal is to utilize our wetland habitat to enhance understanding and to foster connections between your scholars and the natural world, encouraging them to become passionate, informed citizens. At the request of educators, NWC staff can incorporate different topics and hands-on activities that complement classroom learning. We can modify the programming to fit your objective for the day. Our programming is aligned with Georgia Performance Standards for science by grade level.

Leaf Pack Exploration is a new option for school groups. Packs of natural substrate are submerged for a minimum of one month in the wetlands, allowing for macroinvertebrates, amphibians, and/or fish to congregate inside of them. Upon removing the packs from the wetland, students will collect data on the species and quantities found in each pack to determine water quality. Students will use dichotomous keys to identify creatures they find. **This program requires reservations a minimum of 30 days in advance!**

We welcome educators from all subjects to schedule programs at NWC. Nature has been the inspiration for painters, photographers, writers, philosophers, and many others as long as humans have existed. We encourage educators in the humanities and arts to take advantage of the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells that our wetland and forest habitats have to offer your scholars. Connecting conservation with the arts and humanities can be incredibly meaningful, especially for students who prefer those subjects to science and math. We also now offer a wetlands-inspired art program that includes a guided tour and time for students to create a wetland-themed piece of art. The cost of this program is $5.00 per student. Paint and canvases will be provided.

Coming this summer: turtle trapping opportunities! Check with us after May 1st to schedule a turtle program.

Self-guided Programs

Educators and leaders of civic groups are welcome to utilize our site without taking a guided tour. We offer a picnic pavilion and an outdoor classroom that can be utilized for educational visits. Even if you do not plan to take a guided tour, please call and discuss your visit with our staff to ensure the availability of our picnic area, Learning Center, and outdoor classroom as they may be reserved for a scheduled guided tour group on the day you intend to visit.

Guided Program Policies

  • The general guided program price is $1.00/person, with a minimum group size of 15 people. We only accept cash and check as payment. 
  • We currently offer programs Tuesday through Friday. No dates are guaranteed until a Group Confirmation Form is completed and returned to NWC staff. Please call or email to request a form. 
  • Since we have a small staff, some large groups may have to come over multiple days. Details can be discussed to find the best options for your student group.
  • Cancellations must be given two weeks in advance. Please see the Group Confirmation page for more details concerning this policy. 
  • To request a guided program, contact:


Danielle Bunch

Senior Conservation Specialist:


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