How to Read Your CCWA Bill

Your monthly bill offers more than just payment information. It is also a great source for useful information such as your usage history and programs and services provided by CCWA. Use this sample to learn more about your bill.

1. Message Center
Information about programs and services offered by CCWA that highlight our activities in the community and that provide conveniences that help save you time and money. We encourage you to check this area for important billing information, news, and other special notices.
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2. Account Number
Always note your account number on your check or money order to ensure proper payment posting. Have your account number handy whenever you contact us about your account.
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3. Service Address
This area reflects the address receiving the service.
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4. Meter Reading Information
This area shows your current and past month's meter readings, including the meter reading dates, as well as the volume of water consumed and the number of days in the billing cycle.
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5. Payment History
This area reflects an itemized account history including the balance of the last bill, amount of the last payment received, and any fees or adjustments that have been applied to the account.
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6. Usage Charges
This area reflects an itemized summary of all current charges, including water and sewer charges per each 1,000 (K) gallon of water used during the current billing cycle multiplied by the corresponding tier rate.
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7. Total Amount Due
Easy to read monthly total payment information, that includes the past due balance, the current charges, and any fee or adjustment amounts.
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8. Monthly Historical Usage Graph
This graph provides a quick visual record of your water usage over the past 13 months.
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9. Quick Usage Comparison Reference
This chart provides a quick reference of your water usage, broken down by days of service compared to both 1 year ago at the same time and the previous month.
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10. Disconnection Information for Past Due Balances
Special notice for accounts with Past Due Balances that provides details that will help prevent the disconnection of the water service.
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11. Current Charges Due Date
Highlight of current charges and the due date for current charges.
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