CCWA Management Team


H. Bernard Franks

General Manager



Teresa Worley

Assistant General Manager - Support Services



Keisha Thorpe

Assistant General Manager - Operations



Rodney Perkins

Customer Accounts Director

770.960.3728 or


Allison Halron

Finance Director

770.960.5234 or


Ed Durham

Human Resources Director

770.960.5226 or


Dan Holverson

Director of Information Technology 

770.960.5676 or


Suzanne Brown

Public Information Officer

770.960.6972 or


Karen Riser

Risk Manager 

770.960.5236 or


Jeff Jones

Distribution & Conveyance Manager

770.960.5231 or


Marshall Maddox

General Services Manager

770.960.3726 or


Kelly Taylor

Program Management and Engineering Manager

770.960.5207 or


Kevin Osbey

Stormwater Utility Section Manager

770.960.2130, ext. 5510 or


Kendra Stanciel

Water Production Manager

770.302.3438 or kendra.


Chris Hamilton

Water Reclamation Manager

770.302.3460 or

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