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Water Filtration System Company Offering to Test Drinking Water

Drinking water produced by Clayton County Water Authority is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD). The Authority is required to meet all of the EPA’s rigorous water quality standards. CCWA’s drinking water consistently meets or exceeds these standards. Every few years, customers contact us letting us know that a company has left literature and a testing vial at their mailbox or front door. The company claims the water is not safe and offers to test the water and then provide the results. These companies are usually selling filtration systems for your home. CCWA does not endorse these products. Our water quality staff performs more than 200,000 tests every year to ensure sure Clayton County’s tap water meets all regulations and is safe for you to drink. If you have further questions about your tap water, please contact our Call Center at 770.960.5200.

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