Rex Mill Middle School student Anthony Griffin and Morrow High School student Mickelison Womack received CCWA's Water Environment Research Awards for their water-related science fair projects. Learn More »

CCWA's Annual Water Quality Report is now available on our website under the Public Info tab. Often referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report, it provides a detailed analysis of the water our customers consume. Learn More »

CCWA's public fishing season opens March 1, giving residents the chance to enjoy beautiful reservoirs close to home. Visitors can spend the day fishing, canoeing or just enjoying a picnic in a peaceful setting. Clayton County residents pay $5 per vehicle or $30 for a season pass. Non-county residents pay $10 per vehicle or $40 for a season pass. Click Learn More for details. Learn More »

CCWA's Residential Toilet Rebate Program encourages customers to save money and water by replacing older, inefficient toilets. Eligible customers receive a $100 rebate for installing an approved WaterSense Certified 1.28 gallons per flush toilet. Customers may receive up to two (2) rebates per household. These rebates are applied as a credit to the customers' CCWA account. Learn More »

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