1955 - The Georgia General Assembly established the Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA). J.A. "Red" Garner was selected as first Chairman of the CCWA Board and Robert and Company was hired as engineering firm of record. Bonds totaling $1.1 million were sold to finance the initial construction of the water system. Ed Kemp doubles as both the Clayton County and CCWA attorney. Robert McMullen served in the capacity of what would be referred to as general manager.

1956 - With initial financing secured, the Authority completed the Little Cotton Indian Creek Water Production Plant (W.J. Hooper), supplying 2.0 million gallons of drinking water capacity per day (MGD). The Mountain View elevated tank was built, with 250,000 gallons of storage. The CCWA organization at this time features:

  • CCWA serves 450-475 customers
  • CCWA employs 8
  • CCWA owns and operates 5 pieces of equipment
  • CCWA supplies 250,000 gallons of water on an average day

1957 - General obligation bonds totaling $950,000 financed the beginning of construction of the sewer system. The CCWA also received a Public Service health grant of $250,000 to support this initial construction. T.J. Elliott served in the capacity of what would be referred to as general manager.

1958 - The Flint River Plant (W.B. Casey) was completed, with the capability of treating 1.0 MGD of wastewater.

1959 - Revenue bonds of $750,000 were sold to finance further construction of the system.

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